2016/2017 Annual Report





Erik M. Grimm,
Chief Volunteer Officer

George M. Romell,
President & CEO

Together we are building the YMCA of the future

Throughout the history of the YMCA movement, our organization has faced societal issues with an unrelenting determination to change the lives of people who need us most. With an obesity crisis facing our nation, chronic poverty, gaps in educational opportunities, health disparities, a rapidly aging population, and much more, the next evolution of cause-driven community services is needed. The YMCA of Greater Rochester is at the forefront of this evolution with the promise of a better tomorrow

At the Y, we pride ourselves on our ability to carefully assess the needs of our community, adapt to best serve those needs, and pursue key partnerships to help us deliver on our cause-driven promise. Through the tireless work of our Board of Directors, the vision for the future is clear. The YMCA of the future is not just a building, it is an organization dedicated to improving lives in the communities we serve. Whether it is in a city school, an incredible Finger Lakes camp, or beautiful new facility, the Y will continue to make personal growth and change a priority for all.

There is no better example of the Y's longstanding commitment to service in a changing world than our Maplewood Family Branch. The branch opened its doors 100 years ago and, throughout its history, the surrounding neighborhood has significantly evolved. Today, Maplewood is serving thousands, including programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, refugees, seniors, teens, and so many more–it is a true melting pot of people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. Renovation of the Maplewood Branch in 2010 was the springboard to our Strengthening Communities Campaign, and the branch serves as a guidepost for the vision of our future.

The Strengthening Communities Campaign is our statement to the region that we are up to the challenge of providing the resources needed for families to learn, grow, and thrive. It is a decade-long endeavor to address the critical community needs among children, youth, adults, and seniors with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Within this Campaign we will expand on what we are already doing in 17 YMCA sites and dozens of community sites—serving more, and providing opportunity for thousands. The signature project of the Campaign will be the new " Regional Campus for Healthy Living" that will transform our ability to serve the Greater Rochester Community.

As we reflect on the past, we know that much has been done-but the work is just beginning. It is an incredible time in our history, and we can't wait to share with you the many ways we will continue to grow, evolve, and serve. Together, with you, we are building the YMCA of the future.

Look what we accomplished together

In 2016 we helped over 107,224 find youth development,
healthy living, and social responsibility


Receive Financial Aid


Financial Aid Awarded


Youth Participation At The Y



Last year the YMCA helped young scholars grow and thrive in our Before & After School Care program.

The Y gives kids a safe haven outside of school where they meet new friends, learn new skills, and become well rounded citizens.



Research shows that children who participate in high-quality afterschool programs can increase their academic achievement in school. So increasing both access to and the quality of afterschool programs is essential.



Meals provided to kids and families in our summer learning loss and before and after school programs



We work to improve the health and well-being of all through our suite of chronic disease prevention programs



Participated in unique programs



Participants in swim lessons and water fitness


Preparing Children For Today & Tomorrow

2.6 Month Lost

Grade-Level Equivalent Average Loss in
Math & Reading During The Summer

Youth at all of our YMCA early education programs, afterschool programs, and day and overnight camps enjoy hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities which encourage them to be curious and ask critical questions about the world around them. We look forward to continuing and expanding this exciting work, because we know that engaging with STEM programming helps youth practice key 21st Century skills in problem solving, communication, and critical thinking.

Our youth development programs create opportunities for youth to observe, question, plan, investigate, analyze, and communicate findings. This year, we created a highly skilled team of STEM trainers who have trained more than 300 youth development staff and impacted more than 2,500 youth. We are proud to partner with caregivers, families, and schools to holistically nurture youth through hands-on STEM programming. By making STEM an important part of all of our youth development programs, from cradle to career, the YMCA of Greater Rochester ensures that all youth have the skills they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

The YMCA of Greater Rochester has formed a partnership with Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL) to eliminate the summer opportunity gap, accelerate students ' academic achievement, and close the achievement gap. The goals of the innovative Power Scholars program include:

  • Increasing scholars' literacy and math skills to help them avoid summer learning loss. During the YMCA of Greater Rochester's first year, our results were some of the best in the nation. Our scholars not only avoided the loss of 1-3 months of skills in both math and science (a loss that is typical for youth in many of our communities), but gained a month of skills in math and 2.5 months in literacy. These gains ensure that our scholars are ready to learn, grow, and thrive when they return to school in the fall.

During the YMCA of Greater Rochester's first year, our results were some of the best in the nation. Our scholars not only avoided the loss of 1-3 months of skills in both math and science (a loss that is typical for youth in many of our communities), but gained a month of skills in math and 2.5 months in literacy. These gains ensure that our scholars are ready to learn, grow, and thrive when they return to school in the fall.

  • Strengthen scholars' self-confidence.
  • Increase parental engagement

Power Scholars delivers academic and social enrichment for youth in poverty for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, for 5 weeks. During these 5 weeks, scholars have the opportunity to hone math and literacy skills, and also enjoy field trips, guest speakers, and exciting programming in the areas of STEM, arts, global learning, 21st Century skills, leadership, college & career readiness, and health & wellness. At the conclusion of the program, each scholar receives an impressive 192 hours of instruction and enrichment in key areas.

"Research shows that children who participate in high-quality afterschool programs can increase their academic achievement in school. So increasing both access to and the quality of afterschool programs is essential."


A decade-long philanthropic effort to raise $75 million

The Y Expands for the Future

We're on a quest to impact our community
for the next century

As one of the area's largest human services charities, the Y is uniquely positioned to meet the many challenges faced by our communities each day. With this in mind, the YMCA of Greater Rochester launched the Strengthening Communities Campaign in 2016-a decade-long endeavor to address our region's needs for the next century. This historic initiative recognizes the extraordinary impact of philanthropy for the future of our Y and the people of our community

Beginning with the revitalization of the Maplewood Branch in the northwest section of the City of Rochester, the vision of the Strengthening Communities Campaign is to create facilities to serve the health and wellness needs of diverse populations; expand opportunities for more children to have quality childcare in urban neighborhoods and dynamic camp experiences in the Finger Lakes; ensure the Y's future through endowment; and attract ongoing support for our annual outreach efforts. This is an effort to benefit the entire region, including philanthropy in support of our Urban District, the Corning Community Branch, Camp Gorham, and our suburban facilities. Within this bold endeavor are the Campaign's cornerstone efforts to build a new Regional Campus for Healthy Living in Pittsford and expand Camp Cory on Keuka Lake.

Responding to the needs of a growing population of families in Rochester's southeastern suburbs, a rapidly aging population, and expanding requests for services for those with diverse abilities, plans are underway for the YMCA of Greater Rochester to build a "Regional Campus for Healthy Living" in the southeast section of Monroe County. The YMCA understands the importance of meeting the needs of working families who are seeking ways to ensure healthy, well-balanced lives, to nurture the potential of their children and keep their aging parents vibrant and strong.

Regional Campus for Healthy Living

Camp Cory New Property Expansion Master Plan

This will be a revolutionary new campus designed with everyone in mind-it will offer unique, accessible spaces that benefit the entire community and address the most critical needs to support strong individuals and families. Innovative and accessible design will advance the Y's cause to deliver programs for nurturing the potential of our youth, ensuring the health and wellness of our neighbors, and providing equal opportunities for all.

Plans for the YMCA's new Regional Campus for Healthy Living have been developed with specific imperatives to improve the health of the region by focusing on key community issues including weight control, aging population, chronic disease, and youth inactivity. The YMCA of Greater Rochester initiative to construct a Regional Campus for Healthy Living grows from the Y's cause-centric desire to create a new approach to building healthy communities.

For over 95 years, Camp Cory has offered children and families a place to grow, bond, and create memories that last a lifetime. For the first time in Camp Cory's long history its footprint has expanded with the recent acquisition of property adjacent to the Camp. A Centennial Master Plan has been created to provide opportunities to grow programs and serve more overnight and day campers than ever before. Improvements to existing structures, including the dining hall, infirmary, and more, will enhance functionality to accommodate more program participants. On the new acreage, a new Leadership Village, barn, pavilion, and activity fields will be constructed to enhance the camp experience for overnight and day campers as well as families and community groups. Within this nurturing environment campers achieve new skills, experience a greater sense of independence, and build lasting friendships with people from diverse backgrounds

The Strengthening Communities Campaign is about impact investing from the community philanthropists and organizations to enable the Y to increase the capacity of our social economy for years to come.


D&C Digital and the YMCA: Spreading the News about Healthy Living

As the Y has evolved so has the rest of Rochester. Businesses have come and gone and many have changed, but one staple that has always been is the Democrat and Chronicle. The newspaper, now branded as D&C Digital, has long been a generous philanthropic partner with the YMCA of Greater Rochester. And the D&C team continues that tradition today, as the generous sponsor of the Y's programming including Safety Around Water Week in April

"Going back to the 1940s, there was a partnership between Gannett and the YMCA to teach vital lifesaving skills to their newspaper carriers, which was important since we live in a community with so many bodies of water," said George Romell, President & CEO of the YMCA of Greater Rochester. "Now turn the dial forward 75 years, and here is Gannett supporting our aquatic safety initiatives. We've come full circle - we helped train their newspaper boys and now they are helping us ensure the children of our community can all learn to swim."

Drowning is the second leading cause of death among children ages 5 to 14. Statistically the percentage of children who cannot swim is highest in city-based, low-income households; as high as 70 percent. The YMCA is helping to lower these staggering numbers by nationally and locally teaching more people to swim than any other organization.

D&C Digital is also a key marketing sponsor for other YMCA programs throughout the year, including its membership campaigns and summer camp promotions. "Both organizations have been here a really long time, kind of like fixtures in the community, and we have had a long and deep partnership," said Dan Norselli, Democrat and Chronicle and D&C Digital. "Through the years we each have adapted to serve a more diverse audience and changing times, while together embracing the community and social responsibility." The YMCA of Greater Rochester is proud to recognize D&C Digital Company as this year's Collaboration Award honoree.


Building A Better Community


  • United Way
  • Annual Campaign and Other Contributions
  • Governmental Sources
  • Grants
  • Membership
  • Program Fees
  • Investment Income Allocated for Operations
  • Other


  • Employee Expenses
  • Program Expenses
  • General & Administrative Expenses
  • Facilities and Occupancy
  • Other Expense


March 31, 2017 Unaudited

OPERATING REVENUE & SUPPORT 2016 (unaudited) Percent of Total
Annual Campaign and Other Contributions $   2,692,077    5.9 %
United Way 614,650 1.4
Governmental Sources 2,840,081 6.2
Grants 2,282,404 5
Membership 21,611,082 47.5
Program 14,324,267 31.5
Investment Income Allocated for Operations 660,079 1.5
Other 447,384 1
TOTAL REVENUE $   45,472,024    100 %
OPERATING EXPENSES 2016 (unaudited) Percent of Total
Personnel $   26,616,639    58.8 %
Program Expenses 6,379,902 14.1
General & Administrative Expenses 2,235,761 4.9
Facilities and Occupancy 9,505,791 21
Other Expense 559,305 1.2
TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES $   45,297,398    100 %
Net Assets 2016 (unaudited) Percent of Total
Change in Net Assets from Operations $   174,626    
Total Assets $   78,568,553    
Total Liabilities $   35,245,166    
Total Fund Balance $   43,323,387    
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE GRANTED Dollars Granted Individuals Served* Percent of Total
Membership $   1,710,531    9,303    52.4 %
Day Camp 360,542 4,298    11.0 %
Before and AfterSchool and Childcare 394,505 2,155    12 %
Overnight Camping 192,142 641    5.9 %
Preschool 109,430 445    3.4 %
Youth/Teen 34,752 323    1.1 %
Child Care 446,444 175    13.7 %
Other 15,206 79    .05 %
TOTAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE GRANTED $   3,263,552    17,419    100%

* Duplicated Count: Some individuals participate in/receive assistance for more than one program.


Active Older Adults    16,520
Aquatics 16,407
Arts and Humanities 2,291
Camps 26,284
Before and AfterSchool and Child Care 23,963
Family Programs 2,491
Health and Fitness 8,672
Teen Leadership and Activities 1,293
Youth and Sports 9,303

*Duplicated Count: Some individuals particiapte in/receive assistance for more than one program.

Bay View Family YMCA    10,090
Carlson Metrocenter YMCA 5,719
Corning Community YMCA 5,816
Eastside Family YMCA 23,017
Maplewood Family YMCA 3,555
Monroe Family YMCA 2,077
Northwest Family YMCA 12,219
Southeast Family YMCA 11,643
Southwest Family YMCA 791
Victor Active Family Center 918
Westside Family YMCA 14,815

* Unduplicated Results

Being a volunteer in an organization helps us to remember to give back, and to keep in mind all of our own blessings.


Don Leiske Volunteer of the Year:

Robert Stevenson

Maplewood Family Branch

Adults - Volunteer of the Year

  • Nora Zbick Arrowhead
  • John Halldow Carlson
  • Bo Shoemaker Camp Cory
  • Teresa Smith Corning
  • Ricardo Figueroa Eastside
  • Catherine Liebel Camp Gorham
  • John Baart Lewis Street
  • Connie Cobb Monroe/South West
  • Carol Schwartz Maplewood
  • Mary and Al Antonio Northwest
  • Vince Lecce Southeast
  • Sherrie Dattilo Victor
  • Amy Perry-DelCorvo Westside


  • Peyton Hilton Arrowhead
  • Josh Pomerleau Bay View
  • Elizabeth Szulgit Carlson
  • Miranda Albarran Cory
  • Carly Seabridge Eastside
  • Tyler Thompson Gorham
  • Tommie Smith Lewis Street
  • Hannah Ruth Maplewood
  • Grace Meyer Monroe/South West
  • Paige Johnson Northwest
  • Caden Johnson Southeast
  • Cole Vandenberg Victor
  • Regina Bourbonnas Westside

2016 Association Leadership Staff

  • George M. Romell President & CEO
  • Michael Russell Executive Vice President & COO
  • Paul LeFrois Senior Vice President, Finance & CFO
  • Mike Stevens Senior Vice President, Association Advancement
  • Paul M. Anderson Vice President of Marketing & Communications
  • Fernán Cepero Chief Human Resource & Diversity Officer
  • Sara Cole Senior Vice President of Program Development & Innovation
  • Laura Fasano Vice President, Healthy Living
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick Vice President, Operations/Eastside
  • Chris Mangone Vice President, Operations/Westside
  • Christopher Marks Vice President, Properties
  • Marie Northrup Vice President, Information Technology
  • Andrew Powers Vice President, Philanthropy
  • Deanna Rose Vice President, Human Resources
  • Michele Rowcliffe Vice President, Camping Services
  • James Smith Urban District Executive


  • Holly Malley Bay View Family Branch
  • Anne Thornton Camp Gorham
  • James Smith Chester F. Carlson MetroCenter Branch Child Care Branch
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick Eastside Family Branch
  • Kate Eberts Maplewood Family Branch
  • Amy Cuomo-Oberst Monroe Family Branch and Southwest Family Branch
  • Melinda Peck Northwest Family Branch
  • Michele Rowcliffe Camp Cory
  • Steve Henshaw Southeast Family Branch
  • Chris Mangone Westside Family Branch






2016 Annual Giving Campaign

Triangle Society

Annual campaign gifts of $5,000 and greater made over a three-year period.


  • The M&T Charitable Foundation*


  • Anonymous
  • Crickler Vending Company
  • LeChase Construction Services, LLC*


  • American Packaging Corporation*
  • Brown & Brown of New York, Inc.
  • John L. DiMarco, Sr.*
  • Harris Beach, PLLC*
  • Ray and Erika Hutch*
  • Matthew and Margaret Kilmer*
  • LaBella Associates, P.C.
  • Edward J. Pettinella*
  • Bill and Tricia Sauers*


  • Shannon and Matthew Bielaska*
  • Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC*
  • Margaret S. Covney*
  • Erik and Susan Grimm*
  • Hillyard, Inc.*
  • Edward Hourihan and Bridget Dee*
  • Phyllis and Richard LeFrois*
  • William B. Mendick*
  • Dennis and Catherine Mullen*
  • Normal Communications*
  • George M. Romell*
  • Michael and Diane Russell*


  • Anonymous
  • Becker Mechanical Contractors, Inc.*
  • Boulter Industrial Contractors, Inc.*
  • Daniel and Denise Burns*
  • Canandaigua National Bank and Trust
  • Dana and Monica Consler
  • Scott and Kathleen Cristman*
  • Dick Ide Family of Dealerships
  • Philip and Kathleen DiPasquale*
  • John and Sherri Dobbins
  • Mark Eidlin
  • Kevin and Lisa Feor*
  • Andy and Karen Gallina*
  • Genesee Valley Physical Therapy
  • Edward and Kimberly Kay
  • Jurij and Marie Kushner*
  • Sal and Sandra LaBella*
  • Paul and Nicole LeFrois*
  • Lisa's Liquor Barn, Inc.
  • Becky Lyons
  • Manning, Squires & Hennig Inc.
  • Mary I. Ockenden and Arthur Alvut
  • Brian and Maureen Mulholland
  • Thomas and Brenda Parkes*
  • Aaron and Karen Proietti*
  • David J. Riedman
  • Christina F. Riley
  • ROC Leasing, LLC
  • Paul and Lisa Roland*
  • Drs. Michael and Lydia Rotondo
  • Mike and Karen Stevens
  • Timothy J. Tindall and Erica Harper*
  • Michael J. Townsend and Judy Seil
  • Wright Brothers Sales*
  • Helen A. Zamboni and Steve I. Rosen*


  • Anonymous (5)
  • Adirondack Technical Solutions
  • Shaun and Molly Anderson
  • Sean Anne and Amanda McCoy
  • Avalon Document Services
  • Rachel Baker August
  • Paul and Maria Barden
  • Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home*
  • In Memory of Richard G. Bennett
  • Greg and Anne Benoit
  • Richard and Christine Bryant
  • Michael F. Buckley, Esq.
  • Van and Madeline Burke*
  • Charles P. Cacciato
  • Catherine M. Callery and Michael D. Nazar
  • Drs. Janet and Kevin Casey*
  • Sarah Cassetta and Uwe Unrath
  • Michael and Sandy Catallo*
  • Fernán and Nannett Cepero*
  • Raymond and Annette Ciccarelli
  • The Cogan Family*
  • Sara and Andrew Cole
  • Allison Couch
  • Katherine Cove
  • John and Mary Crowe*
  • The Cuomo-Oberst Family
  • Laurence and Shelley Davis
  • Charles K. Dean
  • Megan and Doug DeFranco*
  • Sreeram and Nancy Dhurjaty*
  • Drs. Christopher and Colleen Dibble
  • Kevin and Heather Dibble*
  • Andrew and Nancy Dimock*
  • Dogtown
  • Stan and Kris Drabik*
  • Dresden Public Relations
  • The Dudley Family*
  • Eagle Graphics, Inc.
  • Kate Eberts
  • Robert and Helen Edelman
  • In Memory of Henry G. Ellis
  • Family First Federal Credit Union*
  • Finger Lakes Casino and Race Track
  • Kevin and Theresa Fitzpatrick and Family*
  • Fleet Feet Sports/Yellow Jacket Racing
  • Kevin and Cindy Foy
  • Michael and Ann Francis
  • Bob and Bobbie Freitag*
  • Aaron Frishman and Lisa Fasolo Frishman
  • Geneva Club Beverage Co., Inc.
  • Kenneth and Laurie Gerew
  • Drs. Suresh Goel and Cheryl Brunelle
  • Jason and Corie Gottfried
  • Lisa Greer*
  • Tiffany Greer
  • Rod Grozier
  • Julie and Steve Gutch
  • Steve and Meg Hart
  • George Hayden
  • David and Barrie Heiligman*
  • Steve and Heather Henshaw*
  • Norman Horton
  • Gail and Jim Hostuttler
  • Casey and Jenny Howe
  • Deborah L. Hunt
  • JEC Construction
  • Jurs Montgomery Brokerage LLC
  • Richard Kehoe
  • Koch Container
  • Drs. David and Emily Lambert
  • Wendi Latko and Mike Gerard
  • Vince and Sheila Lecce
  • Josh and Emily Lewis
  • Brenda and David Lind
  • Joe and Kelsey Lisi
  • April Luehmann and Jim White*
  • Holly and Michael Malley
  • Christopher Marks*
  • Vanessa D. Martell
  • Robert and Mary Beth McCann
  • The Family of Mike and Tara Minor*
  • Thomas Mizelle
  • Monroe School Transportation*
  • Steve and Marci Moore
  • Jason and Carla Morris
  • Murch Electric Co.
  • Sharon Napier
  • Nixon Peabody LLP
  • Marie Northrup*
  • Northwest YMCA Stingrays Swim Team
  • Satish and Kalpana Parikh
  • Melinda J. Peck*
  • John and Ann M. Pennell
  • Carl and Kelly Piacelli
  • Cheryl Pohlman
  • Power Management
  • Andrew and Nicole Powers
  • Professional Pool Services
  • Chris and Rebecca Quinlan
  • R. S. Lindsay Building Interior and Finishing
  • Bill and Diane Reddy
  • Susan M. Reschke*
  • Rochester Clinical Research, Inc
  • Shawn and Michele Rowcliffe*
  • RU4 Scuba
  • Bob and Cindy Ryan*
  • Samson Fuel & Trucking
  • James and Dawn Schnell*
  • Carol C. Schwartz
  • Beth and Stephen Skrainar*
  • James and Kylene Smith*
  • Stephen S. Smith*
  • The Spa at La Bella
  • Stacey and David Spoto
  • Robert J. Stevenson*
  • Sid and Judi Strasenburgh
  • Mary Sutton*
  • Lisa and Bill Sykes
  • Stephen and Beth Thompson
  • The Thon Family
  • Anne and Tony Thornton
  • TLM Excavating & Associates
  • UGI Energy Services
  • Upstate Roofing and Painting
  • Connie Valk*
  • Catalina Vial
  • Rudolph and Margaret Warren*
  • Warren's Paint & Decorating
  • Zac Weber
  • Bill and Debbie Wickham
  • Wilberts Incorporated
  • Keith and Michelle Williams*
  • Elisabeth Wrisley
  • James and Elizabeth Young*
  • Tom and Sue Zubert
*Signifies a Charter Member of the Triangle Society.
While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor recognition lists, we apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at 585-341-3044 if we have made an error in your acknowledgement so that we can correct our records for future listings..

Chairman's Round Table

Annual campaign gifts of $1,000 and greater made during the 2016-2017 fiscal year


  • Anonymous
  • The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Baywinde Senior Living Community
  • Corning Wineglass Marathon
  • Delta Air Lines Foundation
  • First Niagara Risk Management
  • Gannett Foundation
  • Glover-Crask Charitable Trust
  • Greater Rochester Health Foundation
  • Healthways
  • R. Wayne and Beverly LeChase
  • Life Fitness
  • Mashomack Foundation
  • The Pike Company, Inc.
  • Precor
  • The Redwoods Group
  • The Scannell Family
  • Teresa and Greg Smith
  • The Summers Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Superior Plus Energy Services
  • Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
  • Xerox Corporation


  • Anonymous
  • Baird and Marcia Couch
  • Paul Cypher
  • ESL Charitable Foundation
  • Barbara Fairfax
  • Henderson Ford Lincoln
  • Bob and Jean Hood
  • Mrs. Frank M. Hutchins
  • Nash and Mac Lean Endowments
  • P. D. Oviatt Fund
  • Park Ave. Bike Shop
  • West Herr Ford

$2,500- $4,999

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Advantage Sports & Fitness, Inc.
  • American Specialty Health Networks
  • Nalton and Meredith August-Ferraro
  • The Bonadio Group
  • Brighton Securities
  • C & W Services
  • Sean Callon & Dr. Mary Ciranni Callon
  • Chubb Insurance
  • Pamela A. Cooper-Vince and Mr. Roger Vince
  • Corning Incorporated Foundation
  • Vinny Dallo, CLTS, LUTCF
  • Davenport-Hatch Foundation, Inc.
  • Friendly Sons and Daughters of St. Patrick
  • George L. and Elizabeth C. Todd Permanent Trust
  • KIDS in the GAME
  • Lilac Family Dental
  • Chris and Heather Mangone
  • Andy and Laurie Meloni
  • Anthony and Donna Morabito
  • Sandra A. Parker
  • Pittsford Central Schools
  • Regional Distributors, Inc.
  • Rochester Female Charitable Society
  • Schieven Family Endowment Fund
  • Shapiro, DiCaro, & Barak, LLC
  • SolutionOne, Inc.
  • The Summit Federal Credit Union
  • John Urban
  • Webster Community Chest
  • Yates Community Endowment
  • The Zeller Corporation Foundation
  • University of Rochester Medical Center


  • Anonymous(2)
  • Automatic Data Processing, Inc (ADP)
  • In Memory of Patti Ayres
  • Vikkie Bach-Fink
  • Camaione-Lind Family
  • Buddy and Jeannie Campbell
  • Mark S. Clark
  • Colony Dry Cleaners
  • Color Vibe Race
  • Andrew Jaques & Sue Darrow
  • Dermatology Nurses Association
  • Drapery Industries, Inc.
  • Alan Eisenberg
  • Peter C. Fackler
  • Flower City Glass
  • Frameworks in Greece
  • Genesee Regional Bank
  • R. Thompson Gilman, Esq.
  • Greece Assembly of God
  • James Houghton
  • John and Barbara Hudak
  • Jeremiah's Tavern
  • Julian's Dry Cleaners
  • Kimmins Coffee Service
  • Kohl's Webster
  • Cindy Koziatek
  • Bob and Patricia LaTour
  • Jean Leiske
  • Jason Letendre
  • LMC Industrial Contractors, Inc.
  • Cynthia Martinez Capoli
  • Ralph and Joan Merzbach
  • O'Connell Electric Company, Inc.
  • Paul Miller Family Foundation
  • The Play Company
  • Michael and Sandy Powers
  • Efrain and Michele Rivera
  • Jennifer Streeter
  • UBS Financial Services, Inc.
  • Van Bortel Ford, Inc.
  • Glen Van Ingen
  • Wendell P. Weeks and Ms. Kim Frock


  • Anonymous (7)
  • Aaryn Maharaj State Farm Agency
  • Sanford Abbey
  • Adrian Jules Custom Clothiers
  • Jessica Alaimo
  • The Allen Family
  • The Almar Foundation
  • Alvin F. & Ruth K. Thiem Charitable Foundation
  • Paul Anderson
  • Curtis and Meghan Angel
  • Andrew Ashworth
  • Valerie and David Barbic
  • Nancy Baroody
  • Ryan and Maryanne Barrett
  • Richard Barrington
  • Johanna Bartlett
  • Nancy Allinger and Duane Basch
  • Alex Baum
  • Jillian and Allan Beaman
  • Mickey and Dave Beikirch
  • Joyel and Roger Bennett
  • Terry and Lora Bernat
  • Debabrata and Gauri Bhattacharjee
  • John D. Bisognano
  • BME Associates
  • Erick G. Bond Sr.
  • George Bowles
  • Maggie Brooks
  • William Buckingham
  • Bunk1.Com
  • Burgundy Basin Inn
  • Dwight Burnham
  • R. Gary and Karen J. Butler
  • Charles and Carole Callari
  • Andrea Campbell
  • Campbell-Abbey Family
  • The Carl Lane Metzler Memorial Fund
  • Pamela Cheatle-Clark and Patrick J. Clark
  • Tom Christ and Becky Cannan
  • Christopher Williams Agency
  • Jack Clarcq
  • Richard Clark
  • Claude G. and Geraldine A. Wright Family Fund
  • Cobblestone Capital Advisors
  • Mary Jo and Jim Coddington
  • Jeff and Nikki Cogan
  • Jody Collins Skinner
  • Susan D. Comer and Marc Tayman
  • Community Bank N.A.
  • Conifer Realty, LLC
  • Crazy Dog T-Shirts
  • Sarah Creath
  • Tom and Marilyn Crumlish
  • Thomas E. Cummings
  • Brian J. Dana
  • Christine and Don Dear
  • Nicole and Mark DiRaddo
  • Donna Dedee Doyle
  • In Memory of Al Dellemonache
  • Craig and Cindy Dennison
  • John DiCaro
  • The Donald F. and Maxine B. Davison Foundation
  • Cathy L. Doran
  • Nathan Driscoll
  • Dryden Mutual Insurance Company
  • Gary and Lisa Durnberg
  • Eastside Pediatrics
  • Bridget Edelman
  • Ellen and Tim Ellis
  • Elmira Savings Bank
  • Karl S. Essler
  • Jill M. Ewanow
  • Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Fairport Mortgage
  • Lisa Falvo
  • Gregory and Mary-Jo Farrell
  • Patrick and Laura Fasano
  • David Fergusson and Joyce Nakada
  • Paul Ferruzza
  • Thomas and Janet Fink
  • Flower City Communications
  • Pat and Nicole Foster
  • Redell and Mary Freeman
  • Denyel Galle-Mattia
  • Drs. John Gassler and Lynn Liu
  • Bridget Gilchrist
  • Elizabeth Gordon
  • Grade A Flooring
  • James B. Graham
  • Theresa Grana
  • Rob and Barb Grau
  • Robert Green
  • Penny and Kirk Gregg
  • Carl Grimm
  • Michelle Grosodonia
  • Guenther Electric
  • Ginger Guyer
  • Marcie Haber
  • Gloria N. Hall
  • William J. Haynes
  • Maureen and Ken Hendel
  • The Highlands of Pittsford
  • Bryan Hodge
  • Home Leasing
  • Hong Wah Restaurant, Inc.
  • Jason and Jessica Hoppe
  • JC Jones & Associates
  • John Munnings Painting Inc.
  • Angela Julien
  • Bob and Marcia Jurena
  • Kursten and Justin Jurs
  • Joyce and Joe Juzwiak
  • Joseph and Phyllis Kaukeinen
  • Donna and Gary Kawczynski
  • Alvie and Nancy Kidd
  • Teon Kowalyk, Ontario Family Chiropractic
  • Karen and Edward Kuppinger
  • Rachel Langdon
  • Last Man Standing Club
  • Legacy Pediatrics
  • Liberty Corporate Services, Inc.
  • Life Storage
  • Chris and Bettie Lindley
  • Joseph Lobozzo
  • Caitlin Lohrberg
  • Megan Lohrberg
  • John and Barbara Lovenheim
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Maranda
  • Beth R. Marciano
  • Marketview Liquor, Inc.
  • Kate and Marc Martinez
  • MassMutual Rochester
  • Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation
  • Theresa Mazzullo
  • Jean McClure
  • Marilyn R. McConnell
  • Jennifer McEwen
  • Beth McNamara
  • Mengel Metzger Barr & Co.
  • Mesa Grande Taqueria
  • Tammie Messineo
  • Messner Carpet
  • Jenny Champeau and Steven Metzger
  • Donna Mihalik
  • Donald Mihalko
  • Moore Corporate Real Estate, Inc.
  • Tracy Moran
  • Morgan Stanley, Inc.
  • MRB Group Engineering Architecture & Surveying, P.C.
  • Angelo and Diana Nole
  • James and Karen Norris
  • Joseph and Nancy Pagano
  • Vinod and Kalpana Patel
  • Mark and Amy DelCorvo
  • Chris and Lynn Peterson
  • Lindsay Phillips and Kevin Daniels
  • David Piano
  • Jay P. and Mary Kay Polston
  • Donald and Karen Pryor
  • Wolodymyr Pylyshenko
  • Cami Raimo
  • Bernadette Raum
  • Matthew and Kristin Ray
  • Regain Physical Therapy
  • Abby Reinhard
  • Robert Renehan
  • Chris and Jodi Reynolds
  • David and Andrea Reynolds
  • Thomas and Betty Richards
  • Linda M. Richman
  • Robert F. Flickinger Memorial Fund
  • Rochester Landscape Management Inc.
  • Rohrbach Brewing Co.
  • R-Options Inc.
  • Deanna Rose
  • Jody Rossiter
  • Rotary Club of Greece
  • Ashley Ryan
  • Daniel and Colleen Ryan
  • Brian and Christine Sauers
  • Schwartzbeck Financial Group- Northwestern Mutual
  • Barbara and Peter Scullard
  • Nagin and Shaku Shah
  • Shear Ego Salon & Spa
  • Bo Shoemaker
  • Christine Sibilio
  • Jane Gallagher Silverstein and Norm Silverstein
  • Sleep City
  • Eiron Smith
  • Mary C. St. George
  • Scott Steinberg
  • Ed Stone
  • Jeanne and John Strazzabosco
  • Super Seal Sealcoating
  • Roger Sutphen
  • Tasteful Additions
  • Tasteful Connections
  • George Taylor
  • Tompkins Bank of Castile
  • TOPS Friendly Markets
  • Jason Tsongas
  • Jessica and Brian Turpyn
  • Linda and Mario Urso
  • Valenti Sports
  • Peter and Kathleen VanHeyst
  • Anne and Bill Verbridge
  • Adam and Kim Wallach
  • Walmart Foundation
  • Walworth Animal Hospital
  • Kimberle A. Ward
  • Tom and Irene Ward
  • Aaron D. Weaver
  • Caren Weaver
  • Sheelarani Webster
  • Philip and Ann Wegman
  • Margaret M. Whelehan
  • Jeffrey and Beth Wilkens
  • James Young
While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor recognition lists, we apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at 585-341-3044 if we have made an error in your acknowledgement so that we can correct our records for future listings..

George Williams Society

Recognizing our generous donors who have included the YMCA of Greater Rochester in their estate plans

  • Betsey and Rick Benham
  • Shannon and Matthew Bielaska
  • Jean G. Boles
  • C. William and Judith Brown
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Brown, Jr.
  • Michael F. Buckley, Esq.
  • Buddy and Jeannie Campbell
  • Michael and Sandy Catallo
  • Fernán and Nannett Cepero*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Clark
  • The Cogan Family
  • Jeremy A. Cooney
  • Margaret Covney
  • Magdalyn M. Cyganovich
  • Megan and Doug DeFranco
  • Mrs. James C. Duffus
  • Robert and Helen Edelman
  • Colleen and A. Marc Feder
  • Bart and Carol Feiden
  • Kevin and Lisa Feor
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Ferris
  • Mrs. Donald Fisher
  • Mrs. Arnold W. Frear
  • Aaron Frishman
  • Ann S. Garrett
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Thompson Gilman
  • Mrs. John W. Handy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Healey
  • David and Barrie Heiligman
  • Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hickey
  • Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Caroline Hill
  • Mrs. Eric Hoard, Jr.
  • Jay Holmes
  • Priscilla Hooke
  • Ray and Erika Hutch
  • Mrs. Jeanne Hutchins
  • Perry Jacobs
  • Dr. J. Elmore Jones
  • Ed and Kimberly Kay
  • Jurij and Marie Kushner
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Long
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Manning
  • George E. Mercier+
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pete C. Merrill
  • Mrs. Donald B. Miller
  • Mrs. Cornelius J. Murphy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Naylor
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip O'Brien
  • Mrs. James Oldshue
  • Edward J. Pettinella
  • Jay P. and Mary Kay Polston
  • Andrew and Nicole Powers
  • Sue and Jeff Reschke
  • George M. Romell
  • Michael and Diane Russell
  • Bob and Cindy Ryan
  • Bill and Tricia Sauers
  • Bill and Susan Schoff
  • Gene K. Shaffer
  • Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stockton
  • Mary Lou and David Walton
  • Mr. Charles Watson
  • Mrs. Warren V. Weber
  • Beth Ella Wilkens
  • Eileen Wurzer
  • Paul and Susan Yesawich
  • Helen A. Zamboni

+ = Deceased
While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor recognition lists, we apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at 585-341-3044 if we have made an error in your acknowledgement so that we can correct our records for future listings..

Strengthening Communities Campaign

In addition to the incredible generosity of the Annual Campaign donors listed above, donors listed here have made capital commitments during the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year in support of the new Regional Campus for Healthy Living, Camp Cory Centennial Plan and Urban projects; grants in support of YMCA programming; and gifts to the YMCA of Greater Rochester endowment

  • Anonymous
  • Alvin F. & Ruth K. Thiem Charitable Foundation
  • Paul Anderson
  • Judith Andrews
  • The Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes
  • In Memory of Jenny Arvan
  • Rachel Baker August
  • Lou Bellina
  • Shannon and Matthew Bielaska
  • Brown & Brown of New York, Inc.
  • Daniel and Denise Burns
  • Kristine Butler
  • Sean Callon & Dr. Mary Ciranni Callon
  • Fernán and Nannett Cepero*
  • Camp Corral Foundation
  • Campbell-Abbey Family
  • Claude G. and Geraldine A. Wright Family Fund
  • Sara and Andrew Cole
  • The Community Foundation of Elmira
  • The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties
  • Allison Couch
  • Scott and Kathleen Cristman
  • Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation
  • Davenport-Hatch Foundation, Inc.
  • Megan and Doug DeFranco
  • Sreeram and Nancy Dhurjaty
  • Patrick and Laura Fasano
  • Ronald Fielding
  • Finger Lakes Performing Provider Systems, Inc.
  • Kevin and Theresa Fitzpatrick and Family
  • Bob and Bobbie Freitag
  • Philip C. and Beverly Gelsomino II
  • Greater Rochester Health Foundation
  • Erik and Susan Grimm
  • Michelle Grosodonia
  • Molly Harris
  • George Hayden
  • The Estate of Peter B. Heinrich
  • Steve and Heather Henshaw
  • Edward Hourihan and Bridget Dee
  • Ray and Erika Hutch
  • Donna and Gary Kawczynski
  • Edward and Kimberly Kay
  • Matthew and Margaret Kilmer
  • Karen and Edward Kuppinger
  • Jurij and Marie Kushner
  • Patrick Lane
  • Paul and Nicole LeFrois
  • Jason Letendre
  • Megan Lohrberg
  • Caitlin Lohrberg
  • Carole Lombard
  • Becky Lyons
  • Howard and Tina Maffucci
  • Chris and Heather Mangone
  • Christopher Marks
  • Marilyn R. McConnell
  • Beth McNamara
  • George E. Mercier
  • Marie Northrup
  • Oscar C. Meding Trust
  • Edward J. Pettinella
  • Andrew and Nicole Powers
  • Cami Raimo
  • Susan M. Reschke
  • Chris and Jodi Reynolds
  • Rochester Area Community Foundation
  • Paul and Lisa Roland
  • George M. Romell
  • Deanna Rose
  • Cleland Ross
  • Shawn and Michele Rowcliffe
  • Michael and Diane Russell
  • Bob and Cindy Ryan
  • Bill and Tricia Sauers
  • Adam and Katie Smith
  • James and Kylene Smith
  • The State of New York
  • Fred and Mabel Stehler
  • Mike and Karen Stevens
  • Timothy J. Tindall and Erica Harper
  • United States Tennis Association
  • United Way of Greater Rochester
  • Linda and Mario Urso
  • Jeffrey and Beth Wilkens
  • Elisabeth Wrisley
  • YMCA of the USA
  • Helen A. Zamboni and Steve I. Rosen
While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor recognition lists, we apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at 585-341-3044 if we have made an error in your acknowledgement so that we can correct our records for future listings..

2016 Association Member Organizations

Major Sponsors

  • YMCA of the USA
  • The Alliance of New York State YMCAs, Inc.
  • Afterschool Works! New York
  • American Camping Association
  • Best Practice Institute
  • Child Care Council
  • Council of Agency Executives
  • Darkness to Light Collaborative
  • Delta Airlines - Official Airline of YMCA of Greater Rochester
  • Diversity Partners Cornell University
  • Early Childhood Education Quality Council
  • The Engagement Institute
  • The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Rochester After School Alliance
  • Healthy Weight Leadership Council
  • National After School Alliance
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Rochester Area Administrators of Volunteer Services
  • Rochester Downtown Development Corporation
  • Urban League of Rochester, New York
  • Visit Rochester
  • World Affairs Council of Rochester
  • Workforce Diversity Network
  • Youth Services Quality Council

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor recognition lists, we apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at 585-341-3044 if we have made an error in your acknowledgement so that we can correct our records for future listings.